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Performing Outpatient Clinical Research

The foundation of InSite Clinical Research is the outpatient clinical trials performed by Dr. Raj Shiwach, along with our trained and certified staff. We offer door-to-door transportation to our office for adult and adolescent trial participants in the Dallas, Texas, area. Please contact us for more information about our outpatient and inpatient studies.

State-of-the-Art Systems

Our two fully operational laboratories are equipped with secure temperature-controlled drug storage and assessment rooms. We have spacious waiting rooms with LCD televisions, and high-speed Internet connections. Though our primary outpatient facility is in DeSoto, we also have the capability to use our satellite site in Plano.

Safety Measures

For the safety of all participants, InSite Clinical Research is located less than a quarter mile from the Charlton Methodist Hospital emergency room. We are also compliant with all OSHA and fire regulations. Plus, our exceptionally trained full-time and PRN staff ensures everything runs according to plan.

For Sponsors

Sponsors of clinical trials will appreciate the setup of our facility. We have everything needed for successful, scientifically valid research in our fully equipped laboratory, where all equipment is calibrated annually. We have the flexibility to modify our facility to meet protocol-specific needs. Our facility includes:

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» Adequate Monitoring Space
» Temperature-Controlled Drug Storage

» Backup Generator for Emergencies
» Security Cameras

» ECG Machines
» Temperature-Controlled Centrifuge

» Ambient Centrifuge
» -70° C Freezer
» -20° C Freezer